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While Entertaining Magazine


While Entertaining Magazine is an annual magazine highlighting Black voices in the food and beverage industry. Inside readers will find a beautiful collection of personal stories and timeless recipes from chefs of the African diaspora. Every edition is a labor of love curated with the home cook and modern hostess in mind.

Volume 5 (2024) 

Volume Five is a collection of stories and recipes that dive into love in all its forms. We explore the love of people, places, things, and ingredients. We also explore how these feelings translate to passion for our personal and professional lives. This edition will inspire you to cook and gather from a place of love. 

  • At the Table: Abena Anim-Somuah, Christa Barfield, Deb Freeman, Nana Wilmot, Nicole Taylor, Said M'Dahoma, Shenarri Freeman, and more.
  • On the Menu: Red Red Croquettes, Fried Oyster Mushrooms, Pan Roasted Salmon, Pavlova, and Vanilla Bean Loaf Cake

      Volume 4 (2023) 

      Volume Four is a collection of stories and recipes that dive into “home” as a place, a concept, a person, an experience, and of course, as a taste. Food is personal, and food at home is even more personal. In this edition, chefs take us through conversations about how they grew up, where their family is from, and how their definition of “home” relates to food. 

      • At the Table: Amethyst Ganaway, Christian Hunter, Deesha Dyer, Erick Williams, Kristi Brown, Leigh-Ann Martin, Omar Tate, Riaz Phillips, Simeon Hall, Vallery Lomas, and more.
      • On the Menu: Ackee + Spinach, Hot Water Cornbread, Friday Bread, Diaspora Pasta, Blueberry Buckle, Cast Iron Paella, and more!

      Volume 3 (2022) 

      Volume Three is a collection of stories and recipes that center on joy. In this third edition, we’re exploring how people are finding or creating moments of joy at home, through food, independently, and with others. After two difficult years in a pandemic, experiencing profound social unrest and widespread instability, we knew it was time for all of us to reclaim our joy. 

      • At the Table: Thérèse Nelson, Auzerais Bellamy, Chris Williams, Michael & Kwini Reed, Arley Bell, Brittney ‘Stikxz’ Williams, Alex Hill, Gabrielle E. W. Carter, and more.
      • On the Menu: Groundnut Stew, Lamb Chops with Brown Sugar & Rum Glaze, Okra & Shrimp Creole, Vegan Sweet Potato Cake, Pecan Bread Pudding, and more!

      Volume 2 (2021) 

      Volume Two is a collection of reflections and recipes from foodies around the U.S. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, and political uncertainty, cooking and journaling became a form of self-care for many.

      • At the Table: Tavel Bristol-Joseph, Maya-Camille Broussard, Aretah Ettarh, Max Hardy, Hawa Hassan, India Johnson, Kiki Louya, Lauren Paylor, Mavis-Jay Sanders, Chris Scott, Robert Toland and more. 
      • On the Menu: Guava and Ginger Sea Bass, Coconut Bread Pudding with Dulce de Leche, Eggplant and Grits, Braised Oxtail Wonton Soup, Lemon-Lime Cake, and more.

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