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Senegal: Modern Senegalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl
Pierre Thiam with Jennifer Sit


Senegal will transport you deep into the country's rich, multifaceted cuisine. You'll feel the sun at your back and the cool breeze off the Atlantic, hear the sizzle of freshly caught fish hitting the grill, and bask in the tropical palm forests of Casamance. Inspired by the depth of Senegalese cooking and the many people he's met on his culinary journey, these recipes are Pierre Thiam's own creative, modern takes on the traditional.

Learn to cook the vibrant, diverse food of Senegal, such as soulful stews full of meat falling off the bone; healthy ancient grains and dark leafy greens with superfood properties; fresh seafood grilled over open flame, served with salsas singing of bright citrus and fiery peppers; and lots of fresh vegetables and salads bursting with West African flavors. Pierre's first book, Yolele!, introduced Senegalese food to the world, and now Senegal takes a deeper dive, showcasing the ingredients and techniques elemental to Senegalese cooking, the food producers at the heart of its survival, and the unique cultural and historical context it exists in. You'll meet local farmers, fishermen, humble food producers, and home cooks each with stories to tell and recipes to share and savor. You won't just be learning to make a few dishes, you'll learn about the Senegalese people, the stories of their past, and importantly, the issues they face today and tomorrow. This is the food of Senegal, from the source to the bowl.


Chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author, Pierre Thiam was raised in Dakar, Senegal, a bustling and culturally diverse metropolis on the west coast of Africa. He opened two restaurants in Brooklyn, NY, Yolele and Le Grand Dakar, both visionary African bistros that became culinary and cultural centers for Africans from the continent and the diaspora. He is the author of Yolele, the first Senegalese cookbook published in the English language. He currently owns Pierre Thiam Catering, which introduces a diverse, savvy New York clientele to contemporary interpretations of ethnic flavors; he also serves as consulting chef for a number of restaurants in the City and beyond.


"Pierre Thiam is a tireless warrior and ambassador for the culinary cultural experience of his native Senegal. In this book, he gives us his Senegal, served with love and heaping helpings of humanity in a bowl of celebrated grace. Those who subscribe to full-flavored, bold, exciting dining should rush to read and enjoy these unique recipes of gastronomical expression." --Alexander Smalls, Executive Chef / Restaurateur, The Cecil and Minton's

"In Senegal, Pierre Thiam offers us more than just a portrait of an extraordinary country and a picture of a surprisingly eclectic and far-reaching cuisine, though he certainly does that. He also reminds us of why gastronomy, when it's as rich as this, is really a form of intimate anthropology." --Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker staff writer; author of The Table Comes First

Lake Isle Press  /  November 15, 2015

1.1" H x 10.6" L x 8.0" W (3.05 lbs) 320 pages