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Our Kindred Home: Herbal Recipes, Plant Wisdom, and Seasonal Rituals for Rekindling Connection with the Earth
Alyson Morgan


Learn to reconnect with plants and nature for collective healing in a world beset by environmental crisis with this herbalism and eco-activist handbook.

“Breathtakingly beautiful . . . a gentle and welcoming hand offering to guide those of us seeking mindful connection and mutually nurturing paths through life in the Anthropocene.”—Whitney Leigh Morris, author of Small Space Style

Alyson Morgan, a second-generation Haitian American, grew up feeling disconnected from her roots and suffering from the trauma of racism. To heal herself, she found a connection with the natural world around her: slowing down, respecting the seasons, and growing or foraging plants in her local area. To Alyson, connection with the earth means finding a sense of place and home in an era of stress and overwhelm. Now she shares her methods of homesteading for anyone to practice in their own life. Beautifully photographed, with plant monographs, illustrations, and recipes, Our Kindred Home explores our deep ties to the natural world and offers regenerative and sustainable ways of living. 

Alyson helps readers better understand the deep grief and systemic harm that stems from disconnection with nature, and provides pathways for healing, such as: 

• An exploration of ecological grief and its impacts
• Information for working with subtle body energy
• Tools for observing, identifying, foraging, and cultivating plants
• Methods for creating infusions, honeys, vinegars, and oils
• More than 80 seasonal and 40 plant monographs

With the whole world in environmental crisis, creating a relationship with the earth that is reciprocal rather than exploitative and understanding our fundamental interconnectedness is more vital than ever. In Our Kindred Home, you’ll find everyday ways to connect to the earth for resilience, resistance, liberation, and collective healing.


Alyson Morgan is a writer, photographer, and folk herbalist. She runs the herbal business Earth Star Herbals and writes about homesteading and eco-activism at alysonsimplygrows on Instagram. She has been featured in Reading My Tea LeavesDominoMilk Magazine, and Hello Lunch Lady. Her writing has been published in Bayou with LoveHerbal Academy, and Taproot. Alyson moved from California to the Midwest, where she homesteads with her husband and children.


"Alyson’s way with words is similar in essence to her way with the earth. Her ability to distill the potent down to the digestible leaves us wanting more. She has a gentle yet powerful way of conveying knowledge that goes beyond the traditional. Her images are poetry. Her words are full of the very wisdom we need now more than ever. As she says, we are living in a time of an unveiling, and this book does that and so much more.”-- Nikki Reed

“In this breathtakingly beautiful book, Alyson communicates with her hallmark stunning artistry the magnificent and multifaceted vibrance of this planet though a raw yet deeply soothing lens. Our Kindred Home is a gentle and welcoming hand offering to guide those of us seeking mindful connection and mutually nurturing paths through life in the Anthropocene.” -- Whitney Leigh Morris, author of Small Space Style

Our Kindred Home takes you on a beautiful and unique journey through Alyson’s life and creative wisdom. From reclaiming her sense of safety and joy within nature to then harnessing the medicine nature provides to nourish and sustain. I learnt so much about how to interact, gather, and prepare herbs. I can’t wait to follow her recipes through the seasons.” -- Bonnie Wright, actor and author of Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet

Beautifully illustrated plant monographs and recipes for tonics, teas, and food (including a mouthwatering dandelion almond cake) promise to aid readers in attuning to the ‘cyclical nature of the earth’ by, for instance, mixing up holy basil sangria in the summer or indulging in mushroom galette and herbal macaroni and cheese to mark the arrival of fall. Additionally, helpful tips outline the dos and don’ts of identifying, harvesting, and storing herbs at home. Expert and beginning herbalists alike will find this a fruitful resource.” -- Publishers Weekly

[H]  Rodale Books  /  March 14, 2023

1.26" H x 8.03" L x 6.06" W (1.65 lbs) 320 pages