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Grant Me Vision: A Journey of Faith, Family and Forgiveness
Sabrina Greenlee


In this extraordinary memoir, Sabrina Greenlee, the indomitable mother of NFL sensation DeAndre Hopkins, unveils her journey of triumph over adversity—a saga of tenacity, redemption, faith, and the profound reclamation of personal power.

Sabrina Greenlee was born to teenage parents in the shadow of South Carolina’s Clemson University, and her story unfolds against the backdrop of her challenging upbringing in a family that lacked the means—financial and emotional—to offer her and her two brothers the safety, comfort, and love every child deserves. When she was a teenager, her beloved younger brother, Dilly, died in a drunk driving accident. In her early twenties, Sabrina faced the tragic loss of her fiancé and one true love. A decade later, she was brutally and publicly assaulted, resulting in the loss of her vision.

After years of abusive relationships, Sabrina willed herself to achieve the kind of life she had always dreamed of. She became the loving and dependable mother she wished she’d had, raising four children— including star athletes—who attended college and are successful in their chosen fields. She also found the courage to break the silence that enshrouded her life, ending the trauma that had damaged her family for generations—allowing Sabrina and her kin to heal. Today she works to help other women assert their power and find the faith to have strength even when the future seems hopeless—just as she herself has.

Grant Me Vision is her riveting story—a memoir of resilience in the face of life’s most difficult challenges. It serves as a testament to faith and fortitude, encouraging others to confront their past and to make peace with it.


Sabrina Greenlee is the author of Grant Me Vision. She is a South Carolina native, celebrated community activist, nationally recognized inspirational speaker, life coach, and domestic violence survivor who has dedicated her life to facilitating the transformative power of healing. As the founder and president of the nonprofit S.M.O.O.O.T.H., Sabrina uses her voice, wisdom, and unique experiences to inspire healing, promote transcendence from hurt, and encourage women to Take Their Power Back.

[H]  Harper  /  July 09, 2024

1.1" H x 9.2" L x 5.9" W (0.95 lbs) 304 pages